Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sword<Pen<Brush - Fishermen Guild Ball Custom Goal

So I've decided to add Guild Ball to my list of current games, mainly to give me a break from all the Warmachine and Hordes I've been playing recently. I decided to take up the Fishermen since their ascetic appalled to me the most. I decided to start my Guild Ball journey with a custom built goal. 

Since my job is so dull I spent a few days sketching out ideas for it. I was originally planning a kind of 'desert island' with a palm tree and maybe a bucket for the ball to go into. I had some ideas about it but it didn't feel right. It felt more 'pirate-y' than 'fishery'. So I scrapped it and started again with a new idea. The new plan was to make a kind of 'crows' nest. I made some plans I was happy with and found the right parts for the job in my bitz box. 

Next I threw them together. The stick formed the mast, with the wheel as the base. The standard bearer shafts were cropped down to make the supports for the chaos space marine shoulder spikes that formed a banister for the crows nest. The fourth shaft then added to an old banner to make a nice flag which I topped with a spare bird. I then used the heads of a couple of nails and some old chain to add a square of plastic to form the target for the goal. This ended up looking like this: 

I then got my hands on one of Solid Ground Studios' decking bases and some little extras to finish it off. Then I painted it all up in my Fishermen colours:

I'm actually pretty pleased with how it came out. It looks kinda like what I wanted but nothing's ever perfect. Just got to get the rest of the team sorted now!

I did get the ball done though!

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the latest photos as they come if you're interest!


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